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Is Biblical Mutuality Misguided?

A Civil Conversation of Opposing Views 

Egalitarian vs. Complementarian

Dr. Erin Heim moderates a candid and Christ-like discussion between two NT scholars as to the veracity of biblical equality/mutuality in the home, church, and the world. This is not a debate, but rather a respectful conversation. These scholars do not necessarily try to convince one another to change views, but instead listen thoughtfully and respectfully. They model dignified or Christ-like dialogue; a communication strategy and skill that is much needed in the church and the world  today. 


The Challenge of Change: Why and How to Embrace Biblical Mutualtiy 

Panel Conversation

Changing your mind, living out your convictions, and going a different direction can be incredibly difficult. This panel of women and men pastors/leaders have met the challenge and today embrace the truth of biblical mutuality. They openly and candidly share their personal stories of struggle, and how they now intentionally use their voices for women's equality in the church, home and world. Come hear about their individual and organizational journeys and how worthwhile change has been!


Working Side by Side:

Can Women and Men be

"Just Friends?" 

Panel Conversation

The #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements have ignited countless vital conversations into which biblical mutuality has much to say! Listen to this diverse panel converse about mutuality and how it might inform our various types of relationships: friends, co-workers, supervisors, ministry partners, and more. This candid and lively discussion will help you to be more proactive as you seek to work and serve side by side across-genders. 


Mutuality in Marriage:

Living and Leading Side by Side 

Panel Discussion

Three seasoned couples share insights, experiences, triumphs and struggles as they discuss how they uniquely live out God's original design for mutuality in marriage. They discuss: 

  • God's original design and post fall hierarchy

  • Ephesians 5:21 and mutual submission

  • What about 'love and respect'...

  • How to resolve conflicts

  • If women and men have God-designed roles

  • and much, much more...




Rethinking God's Role For Women Seminar (1/6)

Dr. Erin Heim makes the case that we need to talk about how to read the Bible (hermeneutics), before we can address mutuality. She takes time to unpack what the Bible is, how we read it, and how we live it. When rethinking God’s role for women, and rather than focusing on the “silencing” passages, she involves the audience in a conversation about what women in the Bible actually do. If women could do all of the things the Bible reports they did, we have no basis for limiting women in the Church today.

Rethinking God's Role For Women Seminar (2/6)

Dr. Hélène Daillaire points out that, contrary to some opinions, there are many women in the Old Testament: 133 are named, 90 are unnamed and 145 groups of women are unnamed. There are only 71 named women in the New Testament. Women are very much important figures in the Old Testament: queens, queen mothers, prophetesses, a judge, etc. Daillaire takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of women’s stories in the Old Testament. She pays special attention to God’s compassion for (barren, unwanted, unloved) women and his sovereign choice to use them in many, mighty and counter-cultural ways.

Rethinking God's Role For Women Seminar (3/6)

Dr. Doug Groothuis reminds the audience that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost: men and women. God, in the person of Jesus Christ, calls everyone everywhere to repent and believe. In the upside down kingdom of God, men are not always to be over women, nor women always to be over men. If we are to empower, encourage and equip women, we must have God’s Word as our firm foundation.  Women and men are ontologically (in being) equal and thus should have the freedom to be functionally (in jobs etc.) equal. 

Rethinking God's Role For Women Seminar (4/6)

In her second talk on how Paul empowers women, Dr. Heim prefers to begin the discussion with Romans 16. Starting points matter, so it is more fair to Paul’s view of woman not to start with the “silencing” passages. Romans 16 gives us a good idea of whom Paul knew in Rome, where he had never visited. He greeted the movers and shakers, half of whom were women. Among them was Junia, an apostle. We need to look at all the places where Paul addresses and describes women before we can understand the more difficult passages. Dr Heim offers some interesting and freeing insights into first-century veiling and calls for silence.

Rethinking God's Role For Women Seminar (5/6)

Rev. Dr. Wayne Darbonne dives into the practicalities involved in empowering women in ministry. He says that this not primarily a gender issue, but an identity issue: God created men and women in his image. The God of mission has a Church whose job it is to represent the kingdom of God. It’s not about us, though it involves us; it is about God. With that foundation, Darbonne discusses ways and means to empower women both in churches that are already affirming of their ministry gifts and those that are not. He shares some truly inspiring stories about how we can join God in his mission to a broken world.  

Rethinking God's Role For Women Seminar (6/6)

Elodie Emig and Dr. Doug Groothuis give brief accounts of how they changed their minds about women in leadership. Emig focused on her self-understanding as a women, or lack thereof, and her relationship with God as two factors that kept her from embracing mutuality sooner. 

Dr. Groothuis explained his change of mind and heart as driven by the questions, scholarship and writing of his wife, Rebecca Merrill Groothuis. In the mid-1980s, Becky began to study women in the Bible and/or ministry in earnest. Frustrated by disparaging remarks about women made from male pulpits, she dug in to find out what Scripture really had to say. She and Doug had two guidelines: they would support no view that undermined the inspiration of the Bible or proper hermeneutical methodology. In the end, and despite significant opposition, they became convinced of mutuality.




Is Male and Female Mutuality Biblical? 

CBE Denver hosted a landmark Panel Discussion on February 23, during which esteemed scholars answered questions and conversed about issues pertaining to biblical equality and mutuality, such as:​

  • Creation and repercussions of the Fall

  • Paul's mention of the creation narrative

  • 1 Cor. 11:3 and 1 Tim. 2:11-15

  • The slippery slope argument debunked

  • Subordination and the Trinity

  • Women in conflict

  • and much, much more...

Feminine God Language and Soul Formation

Dr. Erin Heim, Assistant Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, discusses the feminine language used for God throughout the Bible. God is not male, nor is He female. God is Spirit (John 4:24). Understanding both female and male images helps us understand. embrace, and emulate our powerful God. 

Dr. Heim earned her PhD from the University of Otago and MA from Denver Seminary. She is contributing a chapter in the soon-to-be-released third edition of Discovering Biblical Equality. Hear a preview her chapter by listening to this informative and lively presentation.

The Women of POWER in Proverbs 31

In this engaging presentation, Dr. Knut Heim unpacks the truth about the two powerful women portrayed in the well-known chapter of Proverbs 31.


The Rev. Dr. Knut Heim is professor of Old Testament at Denver Seminary. As a Presbyter (an ordained minister) in the Methodist Church of the United Kingdom, he has a unique and global view of the kingdom and the need for biblical equality. His vision is to help people discover the Old Testament as a resource for ministry and an inspiration for life.

The Lament of a Biblical Egalitarian

Dr. Douglas Groothuis shared an insightful and moving portrayal of the tension experienced by those who embrace both orthodoxy and mutuality during his presentation titled, "The Lament of a Biblical Egalitarian."

Amidst personal, social, and ecclesiastical challenges, Dr. Groothuis and his wife, Rebecca, continue to be active advocates and persuasive proponents for mutuality and biblical equality. Enjoy this powerful presentation and then share it liberally with family and friends. Thanks to Dr. Groothuis for his heart, compassion, and faithfulness to kingdom building. 

What Does the Bible Teach About Women in Ministry Roles in the Church?

MDiv Graduate Presentation

2019 Mdiv graduate Daniel Frampton presents his independent study into the biblical-theological rationale for affirming women in not just some, but ALL ministry roles in the church. He explains how we often come to the Bible unaware of how our experiences and assumptions shape the questions we ask of it. Listening to Scripture's answers to less-asked questions can help us interpret passages like 1 Tim 2:11-15 and hear God's call for all believers to lead like Jesus through the gifting of the Spirit. 

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