We represent scholars, students, pastors, and laypersons from varied denominations who believe that the inerrant Word of God teaches the full equality of men and women in creation and in redemption. We gather together to discuss the biblical basis for equality and encourage one another to develop leadership skills and spiritual gifts for the purpose of building up the body of Christ. We celebrate biblical equality and sincerely believe that the enemy would like nothing more that to limit or restrict the contribution of half the world’s population. We are committed to renounce the fallacy that God has ordained gender-specific roles in the church, home, and the world for all time. Therefore, we seek to empower all people, regardless of race, gender, or social status to use their gifts for kingdom building.



We envision a future where all believers are freed to exercise their gifts for God’s glory and purposes, with the full support of their Christian communities.


We gather to share our non-hierarchical complementary (egalitarian) beliefs, stimulate increased learning and study, and discuss interdisciplinary topics related to gender equality and justice in the home, church, and the world. We invite others to study the biblical text, participate in deep dignified dialogue, attend lectures and presentations, and partake of the resources provided. We do not dictate that you agree with our position, only that you remain open and respectful in the conversation. There is room for you at the table.


Our mission is that of CBE International's: CBE exists to promote biblical justice and community by educating Christians that the Bible calls women and men to share authority equally in service and leadership in the home, church, and world. 



  • Scripture is our authoritative guide for faith, life, and practice.

  • Patriarchy (male dominance) is not a biblical ideal but a result of sin.

  • Patriarchy is an abuse of power, taking from females what God has given them: their dignity, and freedom, their leadership, and often their very lives.

  • While the Bible reflects patriarchal culture, the Bible does not teach patriarchy in human relationships. 

  • Christ’s redemptive work frees all people from patriarchy, calling women and men to share authority equally in service and leadership.

  • God’s design for relationships includes faithful marriage between a man and a woman, celibate singleness, and mutual submission in Christian community.  

  • The unrestricted use of women’s gifts is integral to the work of the Holy Spirit and essential for the advancement of the gospel in the world. 

  • Followers of Christ are to oppose injustice and patriarchal teachings and practices that marginalize and abuse females and males.  

Women and men co-leading, co-serving, co-equal in Christ

CBE Denver Chapter

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