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CBE International

CBE Statement of faith

  • We believe in one God, creator and sustainer of the universe, eternally existing as three persons equal in power and glory.

  • We believe in the full deity and the full humanity of Jesus Christ.

  • We believe that eternal salvation and restored relationships are only possible through faith in Jesus Christ who died for us, rose from the dead, and is coming again. This salvation is offered to all people.

  • We believe the Holy Spirit equips us for service and sanctifies us from sin.

  • We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, is reliable, and is the final authority for faith and practice.

  • We believe that women and men are equally created in God’s image and given equal authority and stewardship of God’s creation.

  • Therefore, we lament that the sins of sexism and racism have been used to historically oppress and silence some throughout the life of the church.

  • We resolve to value and listen to the voices and lived experiences of women who have been impacted by the sins of sexism and racism. 

Core values

  • Scripture is our authoritative guide for faith, life, and practice.

  • Patriarchy (male dominance) is not a biblical ideal but a result of sin.

  • Patriarchy is an abuse of power, taking from females what God has given them: their dignity, and freedom, their leadership, and often their very lives.

  • While the Bible reflects patriarchal culture, the Bible does not teach patriarchy in human relationships. 

  • Christ’s redemptive work frees all people from patriarchy, calling women and men to share authority equally in service and leadership.

  • God’s design for relationships includes faithful marriage between a man and a woman, celibate singleness, and mutual submission in Christian community.  

  • The unrestricted use of women’s gifts is integral to the work of the Holy Spirit and essential for the advancement of the gospel in the world. 

  • Followers of Christ are to oppose injustice and patriarchal teachings and practices that marginalize and abuse females and males.  

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