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Local Happenings

Local happenings


Want to hear stories and learn from the wisdom of others around the topic of Mutuality/Biblical Equality?

Come Listen, Learn, and be Encouraged!


Our prayer and hope for this podcast is that it would be an online space for encouragement for church leaders and mutuality advocates in the Denver area and beyond, as well as a place for continued education and information on biblical mutuality.

Listen to CBE Denver's Podcast: Mutuality Minded! 





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Looking for Community that believes in Mutuality/Biblical Equality? Come Meet Up with other Egalitarians!

Meet-Ups are relaxed gatherings where those who value and practice biblical mutuality are free to share their experiences, ask questions and meet others who are like-minded. come be heard, encouraged, and find community. Students, leaders, professors, local pastors, and any other interested folk in the community gather to share stories, learn from one another, and support one another in life and ministry. You are wanted and welcome at these gatherings!


We have had the last of our scheduled Meet-Ups for this semester. Thanks to all who hosted and those that attended and shared their stories and encouraged others to do the same.

We anticipate scheduling more gatherings early fall 2024 so check back for dates and details!


Stay tuned by visiting this website often, and our FaceBook page for more dates/times!

We look forward to meeting up with old and new friends and spending sacred time face-to-face in the near future!

Table talks

            Curious about what biblical mutuality entails 

 We have had our LAST TABLE TALK 

of the semester 

Please check back in August.

We plan to continue these insightful and stimulating conversations early September! 

Table Talks are informal conversations led by DenSem CBE Interns (check out the Ministry Residence program) designed to help students and others learn, and practice the art of presence by having thoughtful, civil dialogue around potentially difficult conversations, such as mutuality.

What:  "Topics that Matter" 

When:   On a weekday TBD @ 12:00

Where:  In the DenSem Student Center

On various weekdays we meet in the Student Center around the Table and Talk.  We examine Scriptures pertaining to biblical equality and practice listening and sharing with others who hold varying views on the topic of mutuality. At these Table Talks we seek to help encourage all present to practice the skill of being a non-anxious presence while participating in what can sometimes be challenging conversations.

Meet Ups
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