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Local Happenings

Local happenings


Want to hear stories and learn from the wisdom of others around the topic of Mutuality/Biblical Equality?

Come Listen, Learn, and be Encouraged!


Our prayer and hope for this podcast is that it would be an online space for encouragement for church leaders and mutuality advocates in the Denver area and beyond, as well as a place for continued education and information on biblical mutuality.

Listen to CBE Denver's Podcast: Mutuality Minded! 





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 Presentations and         Conversations

         Listen to Learn,
, and Grow

Learn more about Mutuality, engage in safe dialogue, and enjoy a lunch or dessert us. Join us in October!

Curious about what Mutualtity entails? Want to learn more from theologians, professors, pastors and others who ascribe to non-hierarchal complementarianism? Not sure what that means, what you believe and/or why this conversation is important?

 You are wanted and welcome at these gatherings!  These presentations are informal events are designed to help students and others explore the topic of mutuality by practicing the  are of listening to learn, and then inversion 5o understand. Whatever your position on this topic, we desire to create a safe place where all can engage and practice having thoughtful, civil dialogue around potentially difficult conversations, such as mutuality.

What:  "Topics that Matter" 

When:   On various Mondays, TBD @ 12:00

Where:  In the DenSem Student Center Conference 'room

Meet Ups
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