To follow Christ means to invest in others; to grow in Christ means to let others invest in you. We all need mentors--people who care for you, believe in you, and encourage you.

     A good mentor is a person who you naturally enjoy being with, who has more experience than you have, who sees your gifts and calling, and who wants to see you succeed in life and ministry. A good mentor is willing to help you grow in sensitive areas. 

     If you need a like-minded person to talk with about  how to navigate the evangelical subculture, or if you are a student and desire to discuss similar issues and/or challenges you are experiencing at Seminary, please fill in the contact and request form here. 


    We will do our best to connect you with someone who can help.

Meet Our New Intern
Taylor was born and raised in Texas, but moved to the Denver area five years ago. As a recent MDIV Chaplaincy graduate from Denver Seminary, she is passionate about caring for the spiritual and emotional well-being for all people, regardless of their faith, gender, race, or ethnicity. Apart for her work with CBE, she additionally serves as the Director of Care at a local Evangelical Covenant Church.
Taylor did not grow up in a denomination that emulated biblical mutuality. However, through the call to care placed on her life, her seminary education, spiritual gifts affirmed, and past ministry experiences, Taylor has developed a heart for both gender reconciliation and empathy work through dignified dialogue within the church towards biblical mutuality. 
When they are not working, Taylor and her husband Matt, a first responder in the Denver area, love adventuring via hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, kayaking, rafting, camping, climbing, lifting, and running. Taylor cannot wait to get to know you better and hear your story! 

CBE Denver is excited to offer two Paid Internships. Qualifying students will be enrolled for at least 6 hours at Denver Seminary and have an affinity for CBE and a desire to be active in the Denver Chapter. Interns will arrange and attend bi-monthly Table Talks, be responsible for Campus News postings, and blog on various subjects of justice and equality.

     Interested persons can learn more by contacting Denver Seminary and applying for the CBE Ministry Residency Program.

Women and men co-leading, co-serving, co-equal in Christ

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