To follow Christ means to invest in others; to grow in Christ means to let others invest in you. We all need mentors--people who care for you, believe in you, and encourage you.

     A good mentor is a person who you naturally enjoy being with, who has more experience than you have, who sees your gifts and calling, and who wants to see you succeed in life and ministry. A good mentor is willing to help you grow in sensitive areas. 

     If you need a like-minded person to talk with about  how to navigate the evangelical subculture, or if you are a student and desire to discuss similar issues and/or challenges you are experiencing at Seminary, please fill in the contact and request form here. 


    We will do our best to connect you with someone who can help.

Brie Dilley is pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology at Denver Seminary. She is passionate about each and every person experiencing the love and acceptance Christ has to offer. Her primary focus is rebuilding relationships between marginalized people groups and the Church. In addition to her involvement with CBE, Brie serves with her husband as an Apartment Life team, and works for a local nonprofit organization that cares for people facing suburban poverty. She was born and raised in the Seattle area, but has fallen in love with Denver. She’s been married to her husband and best friend Jonn for 6 years and they have spent most of that time working side by side in ministry. Together they have one adorable dog and one temperamental cat. Brie loves hiking, cycling, good coffee, and great wine. 
Lauren Parliament is from Sioux Falls, SD. This is her third year as an intern, and CBE Denver is grateful! Lauren is a Denver Seminary student pursuing a Master’s of Divinity degree with a concentration in Pastoral Counseling and Care. She is passionate about God’s desire for the church to be a place of encouragement, love, and comfort. She grew up in a community of faith that fostered equal rights and opportunities to men and women. She sincerely believes in mutuality between men and women in the worldwide church. In addition, Lauren is a professional and collegiate soccer referee. Also, she works as a mentor and instructor for up and coming referees for the state of Colorado. When she has free time, Lauren seeks to invest in her friendships. She loves the great outdoors, exploring the arts and dance cultures in Denver, or discovering new restaurants.  

CBE Denver is excited to offer two Paid Internships. Qualifying students will be enrolled for at least 6 hours at Denver Seminary and have an affinity for CBE and a desire to be active in the Denver Chapter. Interns will arrange and attend bi-monthly Table Talks, be responsible for Campus News postings, and blog on various subjects of justice and equality.

     Interested persons can learn more by contacting Denver Seminary and applying for the CBE Ministry Residency Program.

Women and men co-leading, co-serving, co-equal in Christ

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