Denver Seminary remains a place of diversity. While some faculty ascribe to a traditional, hierarchical view of women, and others are non-hierarchical in their views (egalitarian), all faculty persons seek to practice charitable orthodoxy.

All faculty members seek to fulfill the mission of Denver Seminary, which is to "prepare men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture." 

If you would like to have a discussion with someone on the faculty who ascribes to CBE’s statements of faith on biblical equality, please fill out the contact and request form, click here.  


As a student, you may feel isolated and alone while attending Seminary, especially if you are outnumbered in courses not represented equally by both genders.

CBE Denver seeks to connect students, faculty and local leaders who either believe in biblical equality, or have a desire to learn more about a non-hierarchal complementary view of Scripture. 

We do this in numerous ways including weekly 

Table Talks, various and diverse Meet-Ups, and special Events. We hope that one or more of these venues will meet your needs, the needs of your friend, church family, and others.


Please take advantage of these opportunities to


  • Students
  • Faculty/Pastors
  • Locals 

Table Talks are informal conversations designed to help students and others learn, and practice the art of "practicing the presence" of others by having thoughtful, 

civil dialogue around potentially difficult conversations, such

as mutuality.

Each week we examine Scriptures pertaining to biblical equality and practice listening and sharing with others who hold varying views on the topic of mutuality. At the Table we seek to help encourage all present to practice the skill of being a non-anxious presence while participating in what can sometimes be challenging conversations. 


Come join us and hone your ability to have 

Christ-like dialogue!

There is room for you at the table. To find the next discussion, check out the Campus News or go to the event calendar. 


                                              Choose a Venue
                                              Mutuality "On Tap"
                                                               or  "iN-TEA"


Meet-Ups are fun and relaxed gatherings where students, pastors, faculty, and local community members  who value and practice biblical equality/mutuality gather to share experiences, ask questions, network, and meet others who are like-minded. Come be heard, encouraged, and find community. Bring your friends and join us. You don't want to miss these! 

For information, dates, and times, click here.


Great Food & Spirits with Good Folks!

Women and men co-leading, co-serving, co-equal in Christ

CBE Denver Chapter


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