If you are looking for a church that shares your beliefs, CBE International has a list of churches that have pledged their support to the work of CBE. You can find those here.


If your church ascribes to CBE’s statements of faith and you would like us to contact them so that they can be listed, please fill out the contact and request form here.


If you are not sure if your church, or the church you are visiting, is non-hierarchical (egalitarian), you may want to use these questions to discern its views. If you do not have a local church, consider searching the web for churches and reviewing their statements of faith. Check to see if they have women on their teaching or leadership team.


Contact the church and ask a few questions...

You might want to ask:

  • Are there women on the elder board or the decision-making board that determines church policy?

  • Do they have women on staff? If so, in what positions?

  • Do they have a woman as pastor? Have they ever had a woman as pastor?

  • Do women preach often?

  • Does the church have an official position on authority in the home and church?

  • Do they (or have they) taught classes on gender in the last five years? If so, what books do/did they use?

  • What Bible translation do they use in their pews?

  • Is the church familiar with the ministry of CBE?

  • Provide the church with a copy of CBE's statement "Men, Women, and Biblical Equality" for their consideration.            

This document has been adopted by many churches and denominations around the world.


If you are a local pastor who could benefit from meeting with other pastors and church leaders to support one another as you work toward realizing gender equality in the church and the world, we invite you to contact CBE Denver by clicking here.


Let us know your needs and your availability. We will begin hosting gatherings and connecting Denver leaders in early 2017.


If your church is hosting an event, or you as a pastor are presenting a sermon series or message that could enlighten, encourage, or otherwise advocate biblical equality please contact CBE Denver here.


We will gladly advertise events that are beneficial for furthering the cause of CBE.

Women and men co-leading, co-serving, co-equal in Christ

CBE Denver Chapter

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