We were made for community. We were created to be part of a body; something bigger than ourselves. No person is fully equipped to succeed in life alone. We need others to shore up our weaknesses, point out our blind spots, and help us to develop emotionally, professionally, relationally, and spiritually. 
Whether you are gathering with others to discuss a topic, learn a new skill, grow personally, or meeting with a mentor to acquire wisdom, experience, vision, or direction, relationship is an essential part of life. 
CBE Denver desires to see you flourish and wants to encourage you in kingdom building. We offer a variety of ways to help you connect with students or faculty on Denver Seminary campus, with those in your church, or with like-minded people in the Denver area. You can connect by attending our fun Meet-Ups, by hanging with others on Campus, or by learning about likeminded people and churches Locally.
If you have specific needs, please feel free to contact us directly. 
Women and men co-leading, co-serving, co-equal in Christ

CBE Denver Chapter

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